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NOMEX Honeycomb Panels

These panels are the lightest weight material available for stiffeners and forners. Weight is approximately 69 GRAMS per SQUARE FOOT for the glass faced 3/16" material!

Largest panel size available is 3 ft. x 2 ft. and we can cut these to whatever size you desire.

The material can be easily cut with a jig saw or band saw.

This HONEYCOMB material is made from thin paper formed in specific cell shapes and sizes, then bathed in epoxy resin to provide exceptional tensile and compresive strength. With either fiberglass or carbon fiber facings, these panels make the strongest, lightest bulkheads, firewalls and ribs of any material available to hobbyists.

We recommend epoxy glues for best results with these materials. CA adhesives tend to be brittle after curing resulting in less effective bonds.

Fuselages have been made using 3/16" HONEYCOMB sandwhiched between layers of fiberglass to obtain joined fuselages that are so strong they require ONLY a firewall as a structural former. (Wing and stab supports are reinforced with thicker glass or carbon fiber applicaton).

Nomex w/Fiberglass Facings

 Nomex w/Carbon Fiber Facings

3/16" Thick approx 69 grams/sq. ft

1/2" Thick approx. 86 grams/sq. ft.

Price: $12.00 per Square Foot

 3/16" Thick approx. 98 grams/sq. ft

1/2" Thick approx. 110 grams/sq. ft. (Great for Firewalls!)

Price: $17.50 per Square Foot