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Burning Orange - Taar
Guitar: Henrik Ostergaard
Lead Vocals: Scott Robison
Lead Guitar: Mike Smith
Bass: Jassen Wilber
Drums: Ron Sutton
Producer: Burning Orange / John Janson ("Run")
Year: 1996
Catalog: Mirror CD-22
Track List:  1. Pure
 2. Run
 3. As God as My Witness
 4. The Passing
 5. New Saw it Coming
 6. Clear Thought
 7. Palefaced Hole
 8. Nothing
 9. Taar
Comments: No singing by Henrik on this one. Gabriel Scott kind of reminds me of a cross between the guy from 'Honeymoon Suite'(!) and Ed Kowalczyk from the band 'Live'. Overall a heavier and darker feel. Except for a new singer, probably same line-up as the 'slave to the machine' album. Released the next year as 'Thirteen' with extra tracks

The CD is a bit odd as it plays as only 3 tracks with 2 or 3 songs grouped together as one track. "Clear Thought" is listed on the back cover but not on the CD itself and the track times are all off considerably. "Clear Thought" is a spoken word intro to "Paleface Hole" later re-released on "California Free Ride". The Outro to "Nothing" is later listed on the "Thirteen" re-release of "TAAR" as a separate track "Torrent".


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