Dirty Looks Music Dirty Looks Band
Burning Orange - Thirteen
Guitar: Henrik Ostergaard
Lead Vocals: Scott Robison
Lead Guitar: Mike Smith
Bass: Jassen Wilber
Drums: Ron Sutton
Producer: Burning Orange / Jon Janson ("Run")
Year: 1997
Catalog: Music For Nations
Track List: 1. Pure
2. Run
3. As God as My Witness
4. The Passing
5. Never Saw it Coming
6. Palefaced Hole
7. Torrent
8. Nothing
9. Clear Thought
10. Taar
11. Blurr
12. Thirteen
13. Pin
Comments: Music For Nations re-release of "Taar" with extra tracks.

CD is actually mis-labeled when comparing the same songs to the first release "TAAR":
Paledfaced Hole is actually Clear Thought (later re-released on "California Free Ride")
Torrent is actually Paledfaced Hole
Clear Thought is actually Torrent (which, on TAAR was actually just the outro to "Nothing")


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