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Dirty Looks - Chewing on the Bit
Vocals/Guitar: Henrik Ostergaard
Lead Guitar: Alex Kane
Bass: Keith Barrows
Drums: Charlie George
Steve McConnell (Love Train)
Producer: David Krebs
Year: 1994
Catalog: Rockworld (JK 64253)
Track List:  1. This Way
 2. Love Train
 3. Chewing on the Bit
 4. Falling Down
 5. You Can't Take it Back
 6. Trip the Light
 7. Dead, White & Blue
 8. Killing Time
 9. My Shallow Grave
 10. Last Cigarette
 11. King Snake (encore)
Comments: Dirty Looks reformed with only Henrik staying on board at this point. Brian Perry went on to 'Bubble' and eventually 'Prong'(!) and Paul Lidel joined 'Dangerous Toys'.

The CD lists the last song as just 'encore', but the cassette version lists the song as 'King Snake' (only on the cassette itself, not on the cover or credits, oddly enough)

I don't know if Alex Kane was an 'official' member, but I listed him as such anyway. He actually went on to join up with Brian Perry in 'Bubble' as well

I believe this came out before 'One Bad Leg' (both came out in '94) since I saw this one in stores first
Different versions of 'Love Train' and 'Trip the Lite' were first recorded for the 'Rumbledog' album.


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