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Rumbledog - The Drowning Pool
Vocals/Guitar: Henrik Ostergaard
Guitar: Mike Smith
Guitar: Mike Ondersek (Ondrusek)
Bass: Jassen Wilber
Drums: Ron Sutton
Producer: ...
Year: 1995
Catalog: Mirror (CD-20)
Track List:  1. Face of Red DOg
 2. Ever Clear
 3. Don't Breathe the Air
 4. Black Betty
 5. Emancipated
 6. Cicada
 7. Drowning Pool
 8. Burning Crosses
 9. Some Other Day
 10. Chewing on the Razor Blade
 11. Narcissist (hidden track)
Comments: This one features Mike Smith who later joined Henrik in Burning Orange before going on to Snot and eventually Limp Bizkit

'Black Betty' is an old blues song by Leadbelly later popularized by Ram Jam in the 70's

Track 11 is actually at the end of track 10 on the CD.

Mike Ondersek's name is misspelled. Actual spelling is 'Ondrusek'. Also confirmed by Mike is that he wasn't in DL officially, just Rumbledog

Charlie George and Keith Barrows are listed in the thank you's as making contributions on drums and bass respectively.


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