Dirty Looks Music Dirty Looks Band
Dirty Looks - I.C.U.

Vocals/Guitar: Henrik Ostergaard
Guitar: Scott Parmenter
Drums: Bill Dailey
Bass: Greg Pianka
Producer: Henrik (Mario Regano)
Year: 2010
Catalog: FnA 247365-016-2
Track List:  1. Every Mother's Child
 2. Special
 3. Sugar Pie
 4. Down Payment Blues (AC/DC cover)
 5. You're Mine
 6. Only Friend
 7. Got a Ticket
 8. Happy together (Turtles cover)
 9. Spirit in the sky (Norman Greenbaum cover)
 10. This Way (live)

Comments: Tommy Mandel from Bryan Adams band on Organ/Clavinet

Original track listing had listed a new version of "New White Naked"


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