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Dirty Looks - I Want More 2010 (Remaster of '87 album with bonus tracks)
Vocals/Guitar: Henrik Ostergaard
Bass: Jack Pyers
Guitar: Paul Lidel
Drums: Steve McConnell
Producer: FnA
Year: 2010
Catalog: FnA
Track List:  1. F*ck You, I Want More
 2. Tokyo
 3. Oh, Ruby
 4. Put a Spell on You
 5. Can't Take My Eyes off You
 6. Too Bad
 7. Not the Way You Rock
 8. It's a Bitch
 9. Let Me Go
 10. Undercover
 11. Smell the Gasoline (bonus)
 12. Narcissist (bonus)
Comments: Narcissist was previously a hidden track off the "Drowning Pool" album
"Smell the Gasoline" is also known as "Burning Crosses" off the "Drowning Pool" album


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