Dirty Looks Music Dirty Looks Music
Dirty Looks - Live in San Diego
Guitar: Henrik Ostergaard
Guitar: Nicky Kay
Bass: Idzi
Drums: John Allen
Year: 2005 (Recorded in 1994)
Catalog: N.T.Q. - NTQ03
Track List: 1. Intro / Blue Tequila
2. It's Not the Way You Rock
3. This Way
4. Turn of the Screw
5. Five Easy Pieces
6. Trip the Light / Nobody Rides For Free
7. Cool From the Wire
8. Oh, Ruby
Comments: update 5/17/05 - This is actually a CDR that was put together by Henrik and Jimi "Jaymz" Balduf. Was being sold on e-bay for awhile, but haven't seen it lately. Hopefully being packaged for an official release.

Even though this is only a CDR, this is highly recommended. The sound quality on this recording is top-notch and professionally put together. I've heard some of their bootlegs that sound like they were recorded with a tin can and a string. Well, this ain't one of those... The stand-out tracks on this one are "Turn of the screw" and "Nobody rides for free" as this recording breathes new life into those originals and dare I say they sound even better on this disc than what was relased on the Turn of the Screw album. It would be nice to hear some other tracks from that album as they were meant to heard (Go Away, L.A. Anna, etc). More live quality releases like this one would be welcomed indeed.


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