Dirty Looks Music Dirty Looks Music
Dirty Looks - One Bad Leg
Vocals/Guitar: Henrik Ostergaard
Lead Guitar: Paul Lidel
Bass: Keith Barrows (?)
Brian Perry
Dave Naro (4 and 7)
Drums: Charlie George (?)
Jim Harris
Steve McConnell (4 and 8)
Producer: David Krebs
Year: 1994
Catalog: Rockworld (JK 66886)
Track List:  1. One Bad Leg
 2. Hello It's Me
 3. Point of View
 4. Loveless
 5. Lamb's Breath
 6. Y.M.I.
 7. Anyway You Want
 8. Raining in the Sun
 9. Oh Ruby (live)
 10. Cool From the Wire (live)
Comments: About 1/3 (not sure which third) and the 2 live tracks were recorded by the 'Five Easy Pieces' line-up of Henrik, Paul, Brian, and Jim as outtakes from those sessions. Dave Naro plays bass on "Loveless" and "Anyway You Want" (uncredited). Other than that, no credits are listed.

'Loveless' was previously on 'Bootlegs' (same version)

Track order is a bit different than the Music For Nations re-release

"Hello It's Me" is a re-work of "Stone in My Eye" (Rumbledog)


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