Dirty Looks Music Dirty Looks Music
Dirty Looks - Rip it Out
Vocals/Guitar: Henrik Ostergaard
Lead Guitar: Paul Lidel
Bass: Jassen Wilber
Keith Barrows
Drums: Charlie George
Steve McConnell (tracks 4-5)
Producer: Dirty Looks / Keith Barrows
Year: 1996
Catalog: Mirror CD-21
Track List:  1. Open Wide
 2. Something in You
 3. Rite of Way
 4. Eye in the Sky
 5. Therapeutic Drinking
 6. Too Much For Granted
 7. I Want More
 8. Half as Much
Comments: Not sure when all of these songs were recorded as 2 drummers, 2 bassists and Paul Lidel are listed on the credits. 'I Want More' was originally recorded on the (you guessed it) 'I Want More' album.

Alternate version of 'Too Much For Granted' ended up on the 'Slave' album as 'Murder for Money'

It appears that some of these were tracks that Paul Lidel and Steve McConnell played on originally but were re-worked for this release.


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