Dirty Looks Music Dirty Looks Band
Rumbledog - Rumbledog
Vocals/Guitar: Henrik Ostergaard
Guitar: Robbin Crosby (Ratt)
Guitar: Paul Lidel
Dave Naro
Bass: Brian Perry
Drums: Paul Monroe (XYZ)
Cary Devore
Jim Harris
Steve McConnell (7 and 11)
Producer: ....
Year: 1993
Catalog: Mirror
Track List: 1. Have You Ever (Talked to Jesus)
2. Doing Time
3. Cardiac Arrest
4. Stone in My Eye
5. Last Call Sally
6. Down Inside
7. Trip the Lite (Fantastic Love)
8. Fang and the Love Pig
9. K-Mart Country Funk
10. Red Lite
11. Love Train
Comments: Not sure if Dirty Looks was broken up at this point, but not long after this Paul Lidel had joined Dangerous Toys and the next Dirty Looks had a whole new line-up.

'Cardiac Arrest' was previously on 'Five Easy Pieces'. 'Trip the Lite' and 'Love Train' were re-recorded for 'Chewing on the bit'. 'Stone in my Eye' was reworked for 'One Bad Leg' as 'Hello It's me'. 'Down Inside' was re-released on the Music For Nations release of 'One Bad Leg' under the title 'Like I do'. 'Last Call Sally' is a re-working of 'Get Ready' from the first indie album. 'Fang and the Love Pig' is the same version that was on 'Bootlegs'

I'm told the 'mystery guest' is the dog (barking prior to 'Doing Time'.


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