Dirty Looks Music Dirty Looks BandDirty Looks Music Dirty Looks Band
Dirty Looks - Slave to the Machine (click back cover for full size)
Vocals/Guitar: Henrik Ostergaard
Guitar: Mike Smith(?)
Eric Brewer (tracks 14-15)
Christopher Shaner(tracks 14-15)
Bass: Jassen Wilber (?)
Doug Phillips (tracks 14-15)
Drums: Ron Sutton (tracks ?,14-15)
Steve McConnell (tracks 1-2,8,12)
Producer: ?
Year: 1996 / 2009 (remastered edition)
Catalog: BH Records (BH0001) / Perris (remastered edition)
Original Track List (samples have been replaced with the remastered versions):  1. Slave in the Machine
 2. The Hole
 3. The Rotten Kind
 4. A Better Way
 5. Quite So High
 6. Better Off Dead
 7. Murder For Money
 8. Droperidol
 9. Jaw Breaker
 10. Anesthesia
 11. Getting Even
 12. Feelings of Dread
 13. Last Crack
Remastered Edition Track Listing:  1. Murder For Money
 2. Slave in the Machine
 3. Droperidol
 4. A Better Way
 5. Anesthesia
 6. The Hole
 7. Feelings of Dread
 8. Quite So High
 9. Getting Even
 10. Jaw Breaker
 11. The Rotten Kind
 12. Last Crack
 13. Better Off Dead
 14. It's Gonna Be Alright (live)
 15. Let There be Rock (live)
Comments: No credits listed on this one either.

Mike Smith has Dirty Looks listed as one of the bands he played in on his 'Limp Bizkit' bio page and since he's also the guitarist on 'The Drowning Pool' and on the Burning Orange CD that came out right after this, we might have to assume he contributed to this one. Same story for Ron Sutton and Jassen Wilber.

"Murder for Money" is a re-work of "Too Much For Granted" (Rip It Out)


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