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Dirty Looks - The Worst of
Vocals/Guitar: Henrik Ostergaard
Lead Guitar: (Various)
Bass: (Various)
Drums: (Various)
Producer: Dirty Looks
Year: 2009
Catalog: Sticky
Track List:  1. Blue Tequila
 2. Falling Down
 3. Fool For You
 4. Point of View
 5. Trip the Light
 6. Nobody Rides (live)
 7. One Bad Leg
 8. Let it Rain
 9. Five Easy Pieces
 10. This Way
 11. Way You Rock (Live)
 12. Liquid Crush
 13. Dude, Where's the $
 14. Back to Marseilles
 15. F**k You, I Want More
 16. Violence in Blue
 17. Speed Queen
 18. Cool from the Wire (live)
 19. In Black & White
 20. Oh Ruby (live)
 21. The Last Forever
Comments: For those unfamiliar with the DL catalog, start with 'Cool from the Wire', then 'Turn of the Screw', then grab this.
That being said, I would say 99% of people buying this already have 'Cool' and 'Turn' but may not have the later and harder-to-find CD's which makes this collection about as good it gets. It does lean heavy on the 'Five Easy Pieces' CD, but that's a good thing as that one is getting pricier and harder to find all the time. Same goes for the 'Bootlegs' CD, which is well represented here as well.
I might quibble about there not being a couple from 'Rip it out', which is now by far the most expensive CD of theirs out there right now to find (since 'Slave' has been re-released), but I'm ok with that.
Next step would be to have Atlantic re-release/re-master their first 2 CD's, but for now this is a great collection. Enjoy!


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