Dirty Looks Music Dirty Looks Music
Dirty Looks - Turn of the Screw
Vocals/Guitar: Henrik Ostergaard
Lead Guitar: Paul Lidel
Bass: Jack Pyers
Drums: Gene Barnett
Producer: Jon Janson
Year: 1989
Catalog: Atlantic 781 992
Track List: 1. Turn of the Screw (Who's Screwing You)
2. Nobody Rides For Free
3. C'mon Frenchie
4. Take What Ya Get
5. Hot Flash Jelly Roll
6. Slammin' to the Big Beat
7. L.A. Anna
8. Always a Loser
9. Love Screams
10. Go Away
11. Have Some Balls
Comments: The original sessions for this album were done with Beau Hill producing and Chris Caffery joining to do some guitar work. Apparently, the band sacked Mr. Hill and went with Jon Janson to provide a 'harder edge' and by that time, Chris was back in Savatage.

If anyone has a copy of or heard the original sessions, please email me. I'd like to know how much different these were and was the track listing any different?

-- update from Mr. Barnett himself: "HUGE difference from what we put out with Jon Janson. Beau is great at what he does, but he tried to make Dirty Looks sound like something it wasn't. Way too polished, with these incredible backing vocals that we would've had to sample live and that wasn't ever going to happen"

Videos were made for 'Nobody Rides For Free' and 'Go Away'. 'Nobody rides' being their biggest video, staying in MTV's Hard 30 countdown for quite awhile.

Made it to 118 on the Billboard album charts.


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